Life is what you make of it and my coaching style will give you the tools to make something amazing.

Want to perform better at work and climb the ladder of success? I will help.

Do you want to create better relationships and become fulfilled as a person? I will help.

Do you want to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of? I will help.


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Listen to Sanja on 107.9FM Sunday 11th November.

Serbian Program Radio Fremantle 107.9FM will be interviewing Sanja in her mother tongue on Sunday 11th November, the date which marks 1 year since she published her book, “Born to Bloom: From Hardship to Happiness.”

In the media


Fremantle Herald   Fremantle Herald 24 August 2018


Sanja Tesic, Blue Gerbera   Melville Times 28 February 2018 


Fremantle Herald   Melville Times 7 November 2017


“Sanja is a great coach and knows all the right questions to ask to guide you on your way to the best version of you! If you’re unsure and want guidance about making positive change in your life, I would highly recommend Blue Gerbera to help you get there! Also I’d recommend her book “Born to Bloom” – I find it hard to get into books but this one I couldn’t put down!”


“This was my first life coaching experience  and I was very anxious as to what to expect from the session. What I noticed straight away and something that is very important to me, was Sanja’s demeanor that projected calm, accepting, and caring. Straight away I felt that she was there to help me and had no interest in judging. Sanja asked me insightful questions and she fully listened to my issues and answers, gently guiding me to find my own solutions with her support, and often in unexpected directions that created productive insights.”