The Secrets of Being Authentic (and Why It’s Important) 

– Jamie Friedlander


The word authenticity is loaded, but Ryan Lee, founder of FREEDYM, a training resources website for aspiring entrepreneurs, believes it’s imperative we remember what it truly means. Some people might think having piercings or pink hair is authentic, but wearing Banana Republic and listening to Coldplay can be just as authentic if it’s who you truly are.

“Because of the trend of being authentic, people think you have to grow a big beard and you have to have tattoos and curse,” Lee says. “That’s not authentic if that’s not you.”

We can relate to others better when we’re not afraid of being vulnerable. “I’ve seen this happen time and again with executives who on the surface look perfect and can do anything,” Thacker says. “But nobody’s smart enough to figure it all out. Embracing your weaknesses and your quirks is just as much a part of being authentic as embracing your strengths.”

Being authentic boils down to one concept: trust. “Be truthful to who you are, Tell the truth. It really comes down to being you. It’s having the confidence to be you.”

Don’t be afraid to tell people what you believe in. Don’t think you need to straddle the line to please all of your friends, family or clients. Stay firm on your values and beliefs.

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