8 Habits that Make Great Opportunities Happen


We all know someone who seems way too lucky.  They’re always stumbling across great new jobs, coming up with new business ideas or meeting the right people.  It seems as if they’re always at the right place at the right time.

How do they do that?

It might be tempting to dismiss it all as luck.

But maybe something else is going on.


If you were to observe these people closely, you’d see that opportunities don’t just come to them; they’ve developed habits that help make them appear more frequently.

It’s about how you interact with the world that determines how many opportunities come to you.

Simply put, you don’t need more luck to make great opportunities happen, you just need the right approach.  If you want better opportunities, you need to watch these eight habits:

1. Look for challenges

How often have people discovered opportunity simply because they took up a challenge?

Businesses have been created out of challenges.  Ideas and inventions have sprouted from them.

Those who are brave enough to face their challenges also get the opportunities that go with them.

Because after you’ve overcome all the obstacles and barriers that go into the challenge, you’ll get the reward that lies on the other side.  Those who are too afraid to face them never see them realized.

2. Be sure of yourself

Believe in yourself.  Believe in your actions and everything that you do.  Build confidence in yourself that shines through to everyone around you.

There’s something about self-confidence that draws in other people.  When you have enough confidence in yourself, you’re showing the world that what you’re doing is right and that others should pay attention.

And people will start paying attention.  From there, good opportunities will start to appear.

3. Work on what you have to offer

We all have our unique skills that set us apart from everyone else.  They might be rather specific to you, but don’t discount them.

Think of who you are and what you do as important.  Work on those talents and bring out your best work and people will take notice.

Good things come to people who get noticed.  Instead of having to search out opportunities, they’ll start coming to you.

There’s a great quote by Steve Martin that says, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

4. Take calculated chances

The best opportunities often come with a little risk.  There’s always a chance that you’ll start something that just makes you waste your time or lose a little money.

But that’s the nature of life.

Those who seize opportunities are willing to take those chances.  They know that opportunities can be risky, but still go ahead with them.

Things may not always work, but all you need is one to make it all worth your time.  Those who are willing to take risks on opportunities realize this.

5. Imagine opportunities everywhere you look

People who can’t see opportunities tend to see things with a closed mindset.  All they see are barriers and impossibilities.

This attitude makes you  blind to opportunities even if they’re right in front of you.  Your mind will simply refuse to see them.

Those who make opportunities happen see things differently.  From their point of view, opportunities are everywhere; it’s just a matter of finding them.

It’s incredible how many more opportunities you’ll find when you just set your mind to look for them.

6. Pay attention to what’s going on around you

Curiosity is a valuable trait.  Those who take time to look at the world tend to see things others don’t.  They notice what’s happening and that makes them the first people to spot opportunity.

Look at what the world around you needs.  Ask yourself what value you can add or what niche you can fill.  Eventually you’ll see things other people overlook.

7. Make bold decisions

Taking opportunities means making decisions.

Are you going to move across the country for that new job?

Want to take the first steps towards your dreams?

Be bold with your decision-making.  Set clear goals.  Decide what achievements you want to make and when you want to make them.

Make the hard choices about what you want out of life.  Otherwise, you might just wander around without direction or purpose.

8. Build on what works

Life is a big experiment.  You try a few things – some work and some don’t.  The key is learning what works so you keep what works and ditch the rest.

Make a habit of reflecting on your actions.  Take serious time to look at yourself to see if what you’re doing is getting you any closer to your goals.

Many people attribute opportunities to luck.  But those who know see opportunities as the result of hard work and consistent change.

When you continue building up what works, you’ll start to see a lot more things going your way.

What are some habits you use to make opportunities come your way?

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